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Our goal is to create and allow for consumer transparency, answers, a resource for direct farmer communication, and community impact through donation and support to current and future agriculture students.



Pig Adventure at Fair Oaks
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2022 Annual Report



View our LEAP newsletter and 2022 annual report for a summary of our programs and involvement last year.

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Latest News

Pig Lessons Taught to 2,000 Iowa 4th Graders


IOWA PORK PRODUCER – Last month, fourth-graders across Iowa took a field trip to a pig farm—virtually. There's...

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Program Update

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There's a Pig in My Classroom registration is open for Spring 2024! Don't miss out on the available dates!


kids reached from 2020-2024


states reached since 2020


pounds of ground pork donated since 2020


in scholarships & continued pork education opportunities

LEAP Supported Programming

Operational funding of local pig educational facility(s) that are open to the public and private groups for learning about pig care and growth

Local programs and classes that educate students and consumers about pigs and pig care

Provide virtual field trips to students across the Midwest

Advance the improvement of programs and classes offered for pig education

Donate ground pork to local and regional food pantries

Sponsor children’s groups and student tours of local educational pig experiences

Provide student Agricultural scholarships to 4H, middle school, high school and college students

Provide computers, tools, signage and resources to support the education of pigs to consumers and students

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