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LEAP Internship

LEAP sponsors one of Belstra's Pig Production Internships. Belstra Milling and Belstra Group Farms are located in Northwest Indiana and offer a 12-week pig production internship that allows students to complete a summer program getting hands-on experience within multiple modern day swine production facilities. Over the course of the summer, interns gain experience within some or all of the following areas:

  • heat checking/estrus detection

  • feeding

  • breeding via artificial insemination

  • sanitizing stalls and pens

  • assisting sows during birthing process

  • newborn piglet care

  • processing piglets

  • castrating piglets

  • weaning piglets

Apply online at

Please leave a note in the comments field of the application if you are applying to be a LEAP intern.



2021 LEAP Intern
Keegan Padgett

Want to learn more about this internship experience? Check out this blog post!

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